Offsite Backup

Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised through professional offsite backup solutions.

How Much Downtime Can Your Business Afford?

We all know that regular backups are critical to ensure your business’ valuable data is safe. However, without an offsite backup solution, you can never be entirely protected. It is simply not enough to rely on Network-Attached Storage (NAS) or an external USB device.

An offsite backup, specifically a cloud backup solution, will help protect your critical data in the event of an unexpected disaster, such as a flood, fire or theft. They play a crucial part in your disaster recovery plan and can help minimise downtime; therefore, increasing productivity.

Why Choose Partner IT?

Industry Expertise

Partner IT have gained specialist expertise in this area, after helping countless businesses.

Trusted Advisors

You can trust our team to look out for your business’ best interests during cloud migration.

Tailored Advice

Depending on your company needs, Partner IT can advise you on the best way to migrate to the cloud.