Integrating with Microsoft Office, this web-based platform offers exceptional collaboration opportunities.

Expert Collaboration Technology

As a product, SharePoint can be incredibly transformative for companies of any size, offering better communication between team members and the chance for further business development. Primarily used as a document management and storage solution, it is updated on a regular basis, always equipping your company with the latest tools available.

While the uses of SharePoint varies from business to business, some of the most common uses include:

  • Content and document management
  • Intranet and social network
  • Collaborative software
  • Custom web applications
  • File hosting service

The Benefits of Using SharePoint

There’s no doubt that SharePoint offers huge advantages to your business processes and development. With the ability to collaborate effectively with your team in a secure environment, there’s no end to the possibilities SharePoint can present. The most reported benefits, however, include:

  • The provision of a simpler and more consistent user experience
  • Helping to meet regulatory and compliance requirements
  • The effective management of content
  • Easier access to business data
  • Provision of a single, integrated platform
  • Ease of collaboration without divulging sensitive information

SharePoint As a Service

Off the shelf, SharePoint can indeed benefit your company in many ways. If however, you need it tailoring and configured specifically to your business in order to access every capability possible, Partner IT offer custom SharePoint services.