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We have been using Partner IT for over 10 years. Our venues operate all hours of the day and night, and we rely on prompt service and effective solutions. And Partner IT is definitely working out great for us. No matter how big or small the job is, I can be confident that the scope of work will be attended to and resolved. They have always been prompt and punctual in all their communication, whether it be by email or telephone. I would definitely recommend them for all your IT solutions.

Michael, James, Rocco, Jason & the Team at Partner IT have looked after our business for more than 7 years now. This is a service that we heavily rely on in our industry and it's fair to say they give us the greatest confidence not only through their exceptional knowledge but also because they are great people and always have our best interest at heart. We cannot recommend Partner IT enough, great people and a great organisation!
Many thanks from James, Laura and the Team at Ianni & Co. Property

For more than 10 years Partner IT have delivered an amazing level of service far beyond their monthly subscription price. They are genuine partners, who own my problems and help me realise my business potential. No clichés here; Partner IT are the personification trusted, reliable, expert, responsive and customer-centric.

In uncertain times like COVID 19, Butler HR are very safe and supported by Partner IT.

Tasman Tanks has dealt with Partner I.T. since 2013, during which time we have been completely satisfied with their performance and services. They have an experienced team, which is dedicated and hardworking as well.

A great bunch of people to PARTNER with.

Partner I.T. have carried out numerous one-off projects for us, as well as ongoing I.T. maintenance services. We can confidently recommend them as a solid and reliable supplier.

As with most businesses, we have been significantly impacted by Covid-19. Partner IT have been in constant contact not only during the shutdown, but also in the lead up to ensure our IT needs were met in addition to additional services to assist during the shutdown. The transition during the shutdown was made much easier with the service and support of the professional team at Partner IT.

Please accept this reference to show my appreciation for the outstanding professionalism and help Partner IT have provided my company (Clifford Flooring), with over the past 5 years.

Many times Partner IT has gone above and beyond to ensure any problems I was experiencing, were rectified with little fuss but more importantly, promptly and efficiently.

As such, I would have no hesitation recommending Partner IT (which I already have done on many occasions), to anyone who needs a company who has an attitude of getting thing’s done.

George Mihalopoulos Director - Connected Finance

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, you need the IT support no matter what and Partner IT has you covered. The team is always on point. They are always available, quick to respond, provide great communication and take care of any needs so you can focus on your business and not IT stuff. Highly recommended.

Robert Taylor Director - Alltrack Rail

As a small business owner who transitioned out of a company environment I needed IT support from time to time.

Having dealt with the Partner IT team with my old company I touched based with the Partner IT team on how best to accommodate my needs but still have access to solid support.

The guys at Partner IT came up with a plan that allowed me the full access to services with out having to sign up on a term contract.

The model we landed on was very simple based on a user pays method for hourly based fees. This plan has seen me have access to the team by just logging into the help desk as I would have normally under a company based arrangement and it works just fine.

I could not endorse more the approach the Partner IT team have taken in trying to accommodate both big and small users of their services. Even as a small user you see the email correspondence on how to improve your working conditions during this Covid -19 time so all in all a great IT team always there for you as and when required.

Partner IT has been our partner of choice for business support for the National Administration Office of the Ulysses Club. The National Administration office is the main hub for the business side of the Ulysses Club, and with over 12,000 members the staff needs to rely on business continuity and a secure working environment. Partner IT has provided that and has also provided support to the 7-member National Committee. The National Committee and staff appreciate the information and advice provided regularly via email.

As a sales person with 30 years’ experience in selling & no experience in IT or for that matter in running a business, we were so fortunate to have brought this business from someone already relying on Partner I.T. to keep the engine moving.

Michael & his team are there for us any time day or night ! sincerely when we started I had his team on mobile calls in early hours of the morning helping in a back end operating system change that could have all but ruined the company… These guys are outstanding & ensured the customers felt little if any negative effect of my mistakes.

Two years later & a pandemic virus called COVID19 our industry will soon be in tatters but before I even realised the issue approaching Michael & his team were pre-empting the what if’s & had us set up totally remotely to process phone & web orders & enquiries.

This must read like a paid ad; please rest assured my wife & I had never spoken too nor met Michael & any of the team at Partner I.T. my previous roles have been with companies with turnover beyond $100 million & our tiny business has IT support that exceeds the support in all those companies.

Whether you are a sole trader a small family owned 10 person business like us or in fact a large organisation I am sure you will be better served with Partner I.T. doing what they do, leaving you the peace of mind to do what you do & grow your business.

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